Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Bumps

3rd Week into the Obs and Gynae rotation. The 1st two was a graphic torture.If anything, I dont' ever want to get any disease that has to do with down below or my female internal parts.Too gruesome to describe.2 words abnormal smear/lichen sclerosis.

Pretty glad my timetable made a switch for obstetrics.Hanging around in the labour ward can be pretty idling at times but when the action comes it's non-stop.Like a vulture,I spent 12 hours waiting around for things to happen.By things,I mean childbirth.First two C-sections i saw went on uneventfully but I think my memories will be scarred by the amount of butchering,tearing and sheer art of tug of war to get the baby out of the wombs.3rd time lucky maybe?I latched on to a happily pregnant mum,all ready to brave a vaginal delivery.

Just by being in her presence makes me feel so grateful for what all the mums go through.Every choice she makes is in good faith that it does no harm or its for the baby's best interest.Even painkillers were left to a minimal.She let me feel her baby bump,my first ever real palpation.So surreal to feel something in there after practising so long on rubber models.2 hours down the road and after skipping out for 1 tutorial in between,baby makes a sign that she's not happy.So much intensity and emotions going on that the air in the room suddenly just changed.Within 4 minutes,pregnant mum was whisked away into theatre.At first everyone thought it was a false alarm but 15 minutes later,the baby showed then it meant business and few minutes later she was delivered via a C-section.Gorgeous little thing,I'll tell you.Not sure what happened later since I was scrubbed in but I do hope the baby is fine.

Today was a much lighter note hanging with the community midwives.Conveniently near my place as well.Highlight of the day was the ultrasound scans.I've never really liked babies for all their crying and all but 15 week fetuses are so cute.I saw one that was doing an exercise in the womb...stetching up and down and teasing the sonogrophers trying to take measurements.

A picture of a 15 week old fetus.Courtesy of google.Don't worry I didn't steal some lady's booking scan pictures.
Even had time to have lunch at the Elephant house.Birthplace of Harry Potter,where JK Rowling got her inspiration to write.Now i feel like watching the latest Harry Potter movie.

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